Education Programs

School Readiness for pre-kindergarten children. We provide the statewide Bright by Three children’s development curriculum and home visitation program to Spanish-speaking parents. We also partner with Colorado Mountain College to teach literacy to children whose parents participate in the college’s ESL program.

In August 2016, Listo para Kinder was formed to help children and parents make a successful transition into Kindergarten. Some students have attended preschool while others have not. This two week intensive program was held at a local Elementary School.

Study Friends youth tutoring. In this program, school-age students are matched one-on-one with volunteer tutors. Tutors help immigrant students with homework and reading and writing skills.

Most immigrant students have had no instruction in their native language, so the usual development of cognitive skills has not yet taken place.  They have not been taught to read or write in their native language, so they have no cognitive framework available to learn to read or write in English.  In other words, young immigrant students are learning how to read, and how to read in a second language, at the same time.  In addition, parents often don’t speak English, don’t understand the way US schools function, and therefore struggle to participate in their children’s academic careers.  For these reasons, immigrant students often fall behind.

Adult English Tutoring for limited-English speakers. In this program adults are matched one-on-one with volunteer tutors who teach English communication skills one to two hours per week.

CIIC recruits, trains, and matches volunteer teachers with immigrant adults seeking English language instruction, creating one-on-one pairs.  Students are given an English placement test to determine their language level before being matched.  Books and materials are available from the CIIC office.

By learning how to effectively communicate in English from a dedicated volunteer, immigrant community members are able to access better employment opportunities, to take a more active role in their child’s education, and to generally become independent and self-sufficient.  In addition, the English tutoring program fosters friendship and camaraderie between people from different countries, cultures, and backgrounds, often creating a deeply meaningful and enjoyable cultural exchange.  Volunteering can be a life-changing and transformative experience!

Are you interested in volunteering for either of our tutoring programs?  Check out our volunteer page.